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For All Your Packaging Needs!

We are a family owned and operated business consisting of a mother and daughter team who strive to offer the best service on the Sunshine Coast. 

Dash Packaging aims to be your one stop shop. We stock everything from cleaning chemicals to disposable packaging and cutlery as well as stationery and straws and so much more. If you need something that we don’t have on hand – we can get it in for you.

We pride ourselves on customer service, quality and efficiency.

Chemicals - Dash Packaging Web

Dash Packaging stocks all kinds of cleaning products to tackle any job. Machine dishwash and rinse aid, floor cleaners, oven and grill cleaners, food grade sanitisers, sponges, mops as well has BioGreen products and many more. We also have a wide range of gloves from nitrile, to latex and vinyl.

Brown Boxes and Trays displayed with burgers and loaded hot dogs and hot chips- Dash Packaging

Brown boxes are very versatile. They can be used for hot and cold foods and can be lined with paper for anything more liquid as well. 

Being corrugated makes them very solid and able to hold more contents. With a range of open trays as well as boxes – these are very popular.

Disposable cups in a 4 tray cup holder - Dash Packaging

Choose from a range of clear cups and paper cups for all your cold drinks with many options of lids as well.

Coffee also has a wide range of plain cups, colourful cups, single and double wall and so much more. 

All fit accessories like drink holder trays, sleeves and more.

There is a wide range of pizza boxes to choose from. Plain white or brown, pizza boxes with generic pictures or why not even design your own unique pizza box.

Whatever your preference – Dash Packaging can help you find the right fit for you. 

Foil Containers - Dash Packaging

White or brown (or both) coloured trays – assembled and ready to go. Perfect for quick and fast paced takeaway. Most commonly used for seafood.

Foils are great for food that need to be reheated in the oven. All different shapes and sizes are available for cakes, lasagne and pre-prepared meals.

Cutlery and Straws - Dash Packaging

Dash Packaging stocks cutlery to suit any business. From plastic, corn starch, PLA and wooden. They also come in singles or in sets with a napkin.

Paper straws come in basically any colour under the sun or even patterned. We are also now stocking sugar cane straws.

Paper towels for any anywhere  –  the kitchen, front of house as well as bathrooms and general home use. Recycled, Grey water safe, premium and so much more.

Dash Packaging can also supply you with dispensers.

Lunch, dinner and cocktail napkins in a variety of colours.

Stationery - Dash Packaging

Ask us for any point of sale stationery such as register rolls of all sizes as well as eftpos rolls to suit all machines.

We also stock sharpies, cello tapes, masking tapes, brown paper rolls and so much more.

Any stationery you need to run your business – we have it!