Dash Packaging supplies chemicals for every use – general use, restaurants, cafes, commercial and domestic cleaners etc. We supply chemicals for use in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom, for disinfecting, laundry, housekeeping, insecticides, floor care, vehicle detailing, animal care and so on. Our range also includes our new environmentally friendly BioGreen Range!

For the front of house we have alcohol and alcohol free hand sanitizers. These are available in different sizes or with wall mounted dispensers that are refillable.

For the back of house we have auto dishwashing machine chemicals in liquid or powders. These include detergents and rinse aid. We have food safe sanitizer to be used on benches after cleaning. For those with fryers or other oily appliances we also have degreasers to help cut through the grease and keep the kitchen clean.

We try and stock various hand soaps to suit all budgets as well as all dispensers. From foaming, antibacterial hand soap to a more eco friendly, allergy friendly versions. As well as a budget friendly, nice scented, plain hand soap. Whatever your preference – Dash Packaging has you covered.

Dash Packaging will also supply the safety data sheets (SDSs) for all our chemicals supplied.

Call us for more info on 07 5412 0255 or email anytime and we will get back to you asap.

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